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2016 Monlot No 3 Bordeaux Superieur 750ml


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The Monlot brand was founded by Chinese star Zhao Wei, who fell in love with the beautiful terroir of Bordeaux. Hoping to share this great discovery with other wine lovers, she created a series of quality Bordeaux wines by bringing different appellations together, yet restoring the expression of each unique producing area. Zhao Wei has invited renowned oenologist Jean-Claude Berrouet and agronomist Claude Bourguignon to come onboard as exclusive consultants, in order to build and spread the Monlot brand.

Alcohol%– 14

Brand – Monlot

Country – France

Tasting Notes: Monlot is a blend of cool-climate spicy Shiraz combined with mild climate full-bodied Shiraz, plumped with ripe rich Red Wine fruits. The wine exhibits aromas and flavours of blackberry, pepper and spice combined with the elegant integration of French oak. Dark berry fruit flavours are abundant on the palate finishing with excellent length.