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Bira 91 White 24*330ml Exp: 15th Oct 2022


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Known as an all-day craft beer, White is offered in a delicious flavour with little bitterness and a soft finish. It has a hint of spice and a fine throw of citrus gives it a cloudy-sunshine touch. White can be a refreshing all-day beer that is brewed with the finest ingredients like wheat, malt, two row malted barley, oats, orange peel and coriander.

Vol: 330ml

Alc%: 4.70%

Brand: Bira 91

Country: India

Tasting note: Visual: Dark cloudy lemon juice. Large yellow white bubbled head. Nose: Orange zest. Lemon cream. Vanilla. Creamy. Quite sweet. Lemon curd. Body: Lemon curd. Wheaty. Orange zest. Vanilla pods. Peppery. Grapefruit. Finish: Wheaty bitterness. Sour lemon juice. Peppery. Grapefruit. Dry lemon.