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ONESHOT Juicy Watermelon Soju (20 bottles x 360ml)


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The Oneshot Juicy Watermelon Soju is Succulent and sweet, best enjoyed chilled on a hot day with its refreshing, juicy, mouth-watering and thirst quenching feel and flavours.

One shot or “완샷“ the literal meaning in Korea is bottoms up, made by an established company with over 70 years of experience in the industry, ot gets Brewed & distilled with the finest materials of rice and water found from Yeongcheon that is renowned in Korea . Bohae has crafted a soju that has a distinct yet familiar taste, retaining the original spirit of Korean soju. With the crisp and refreshing taste known to all, Bohae has certainly crafted a masterpiece worth savouring.

Alcohol % – 10.1

Brand – Oneshot

Country – South Korea

Tasting Notes:  Its smooth texture paired with the sweetness and tartness of water melon makes it easy to drink. And is enjoyed by all in Korea, embodying the essence of “완샷” One shot. Perfect for a party with friends who want to enjoy an amazing time.